Founded in Gebze in 1990, ASAŞ is one of the most remarkable industrial enterprises in Turkey with its 5 state-of-the-art production facilities in Akyazı, Sakarya region and over 3000 employees and export to over 90 countries. Based on its stable financial growth trend since its establishment in 1990, Asaş was listed No 61 out of Top 100 companies in İSO 500 Turkey in 2023 and became one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. ASAS generates solutions and adds value to all sectors where it operates, thanks to its innovative products, technology, R&D Center which is a first in its sector, andits services.

ASAŞ provides services for its clients at its Aluminium Profile, Composite Panel, Aluminium Flat Rolled Product, PVC Profile and Roller Shutter production facilities which are located in a total of 1.000.000 m² area, of which 400.000 m² is enclosed, in Akyazı and Karapürçek complex.

Production capacities in our integrated facilities:

  • Aluminium Billet: 90.000 tons/year,
  • Aluminium Profile: 75.000 tons/year,
  • Anodized Profile: 40.000 tons/year,
  • Powder Coated Profile: 25.000 tons/year,
  • Aluminium Flat Rolled Products: Casting: 150.000 tons/year, Rolling pin: 140.000 tons/year, Folio: 60.000 tons/year, Dyed Plate: 45.000 tons/year,
  • Aluminium Composite Panel: 7.500.000 m²,
  • PVC Profile production:35.000 tons/year,
  • Lamella Roller Shutter: 30.000.000 linear meters/year.