Extrusion Facility

  • 75.000mton annual production capacity
  • From 50g/m up to 75kg/m profile production availability
  • Up to 30m single length profile extrusion
  • Up to 450mm diameter or 600mm wide profile extrusion
  • Full traceability

Production Capability

ASAŞ Extrusion Facility is comprised of 7 separate and highly efficient production lines, from 1250 tons through 1350, 1600, 2200, 2700, 3500 and up to 5500 tons. Using only 100% primer quality billets, our total aluminium profile production capacity is 75.000 tons per year at a facility that has been optimized over time to produce a range of aluminium profiles with different alloys and physical characteristics.

25 years of experience in special alloys and structural profiles

Category Leadership

We are proud to be considered one of Europe’s fastest growing manufacturing companies and a leading voice within the Turkish extrusion industry. This success is more than simply a testament to our capacity, efficiency and technological skill. It is, we believe, the result of a relentless focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations. With our world class expertise and state of the art extrusion facilities, we can design and produce a wide range of custom and standard extrusions tolerances.

Heating & Quenching

The ASAŞ Extrusion Facility is also equipped with a suite of induction–billet heating units to create taper-heated billets capable of achieving isothermal extrusion. In addition, the ASAŞ Quenching Unit produces a perfect cooling ratio, especially helpful where special profi le characteristics are concerned. When extruding a new profi le at the initial test stage the regulated fl ow of water, air and standing wave can be recorded and its cooling data used to produce subsequent extrusions of identical quality.

Custom Profile Production

At ASAŞ, we have been at the forefront of the movement towards increasingly custom profile production, investing heavily in our ability to design and develop more innovative solutions for a diverse customer base, including the construction, furniture production, white household appliances, customer electronics, heatsink production, machinery manufacture, road transportation, automotive, marine, railway and aeronautic industries.

Ensuring excellent profile product quality thanks to the billet heating method using induction