Anodizing Facility

  • 40.000 mton (almost 14.000.000m²) annual production capacity
  • Up to 15m single length anodizing capability
  • Batch to batch color and surface quality consistency
  • Anodizing of small parts and components
  • Full automated highly precise computerized production process

Unrivaled Capacity

The largest system of its kind in the world, the state of the art anodizing facility can produce up to 14.000.000 square meters of high quality anodized aluminium profiles and accessories each year. Uniquely, the anodizing of aluminium sheets in a range of colors can also be completed at this facility.

Anodized coating process that endures harsh environment conditions up to 25 microns

Exceptional Quality

An exceptional anodizing process is the product of strict quality management procedures. ASAŞ Anodizing Facility is QUALANOD® certified by the European Anodizers Association and all profiles are tested and certified according to the highest international standards.

Treatments, Colors & Finishes

Natural, black, gold, shades of bronze, satinating to polishing, inox effect, scotch brite™, sandpaper finishing, steel wire brushing, shot-blasting.

Long Length Anodizing Up to 15 Meters

Using another dedicated line, 15 meter long profiles are anodized in a wide range of colors; from natural silver, light bronze and different shades of brown and black to gold and other organic colors in a range of gloss, semi-matte and matte finishes. This facility also provides a full electro and chemical brightening service for profiles up to 8 meters long.

Environmental Sensitivity

One of the most advanced systems of its kind, the ASAŞ Anodizing Facility is equipped with an  intelligent waste-recovery, recycling and pollution control capability to ensure every aspect of the ASAŞ Anodizing Process is compliant with all key environmental standards. Another important aspect of the ASAŞ Anodizing Process is our lower water usage and associated waste water treatment. We interlock the total water supply using programmed control and ensure that all fl ush water is used repeatedly, to lower overall water wastage.

Anodizes coating process of aluminum plate products with a wide color range