Electrostatic Powder Coating & Sublimation Facility

  • 20.000mton (7.500.000m²) powder coating
  • 5.000mton sublimation coating for different effect coating
  • Up to 8m single length powder coating
  • Powder coating of small parts and components
  • Consistently homogenous coating thickness along the entire aluminium profile

Coating Capacity

With the capacity to produce up to 7.500.000 square meters of powder coated profi les per year, ASAŞ Electrostatic Powder Coating Facility is where accessories, short profi les and profi les 400mm mm wide and 8 meters long can be powder coated in a number of special or European RAL colors, in a range of gloss finishes in dedicated 2 different lines.

Electrostatic powder coating applications suitable for corrosive environmental conditions in our plant certified with Qualicoat Seaside quality certificate

Quality Management

ASAŞ Electrostatic Powder Coating Facility is QUALICOAT® certified by the European Aluminum Powder Coaters Association.

Sublimation Process

Alu - profiles and sheets in wooden and marble effects are produced with the latest sublimation technology. Looks more real and stays stronger against outside effects rather than standard foil

Flexible, easy application, wide options

For primer coating, we apply our high quality powder coating in QUALICOAT® standard.

Environmental Sensitivity

The ASAŞ Electrostatic Powder Coating Facility uses only RoHS chrome-free treatments to meet both our environmental responsibilities and the standards of the automotive, home appliance and furniture manufacturing industries.

Superior protection in corrosive environments with Class-2 and Class-3 paints